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Record Cold Recap

Thursday, Jan. 4 – Daily record lows
Cape Girardeau, MO (6F)
Vicksburg, MS (12F)
Charleston, SC (17F)
Apalachicola, FL (26F – tied)
Charleston, SC also set a record cold high of 37F.

Wednesday, Jan. 3 – Daily record lows

Harrisburg, PA (zero F)
Washington’s Dulles International Airport (1F)

Tuesday, Jan. 2 – Daily record lows
Sioux City, IA (-28F) ties its fifth-coldest temp on record and the coldest temp since Jan. 21, 1970.

Cedar Rapids, IA (-23F)
Pierre, SD (-21F)
South Bend, IN (-15F)
Cincinnati, OH (-7F)
Quincy, IL (-12F)
Lynchburg, VA (3F)
Jackson, MS (14F)

Record-cold highs
Columbus, OH (10F)
Dayton, OH (9F)
Gainesville, FL (44F – tied).

Monday, Jan. 1

Sioux City, IA (-24F), the coldest temperature in the city since Dec. 23, 1989 and a daily record low for both Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 in the city.

New Year’s Day daily record lows
Watertown, NY (-31F)
Des Moines, IA (-19F)
Moline, IL (-19F)
Syracuse, NY (-15F)
Buffalo, NY (-4F)
Harrisburg, PA (-2F)

Record-cold highs
New York City: 19F (Old record: 24F in 1940)
Chicago: 1F (Old record: 5F in 1969)
Charleston, SC: 34F (Old record: 45F in 2001) – Also broke a record low
Portland, Maine: 10F (Old record: 13F in 1967) – Also broke a record low

Sunday, Dec. 31

Wausau, WI – Daily record-cold high of -4F breaks old record of -3F set in 1968.

Several daily record lows include
Huron, SD (-27F)
Bangor, Maine (-24F)
Flint, MI (-11F – tie)
Binghamton, NY (-3F – tie)

The temperature at midnight at Times Square in New York City dropped to 9F, the second coldest temperature on record for the event.

Saturday, Dec. 30

Minneapolis/St. Paul (6F) tied record-cold high for the date set on Dec. 30, 1976.

Glens Falls, NY (-21F) third daily record-low in a row.

Friday, Dec. 29

Daily record low for second day in a row
Glens Falls, NY (-19F)
Watertown, NY (-17F)
Augusta, Maine (-15F)
New York’s JFK and LaGuardia airports (both 12 degrees).

Also for second day in a row, both JFK (23F) and LaGuardia (22F) set daily record-cold highs. And at only 8F, Worcester, MA, set a daily record-cold high for Dec. 29.

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