Parents prank daughter with joke Christmas present

Parents prank daughter with joke Christmas present


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New Zealand singer and songwriter Lorde will be performing in Kansas City in March as part of her Melodrama tour

When 18-year-old Jorji Kellogg asked for tickets to see Lorde, her church-going parents decided it would be the perfect opportunity to turn her request into a Christmas Day prank.

On Christmas morning Jorji, from Kansas City, opened an envelope she thought contained the tickets she had hoped for. But instead of a music concert at the Kansas City Spirit Centre, they had gifted her tickets to receive the Lord at a fictional event with Texas televangelist Pastor Joel Osteen.

“Jorji, Dad and I are so proud and happy that you want to grow your faith and spend time with the Lord. Enjoy Pastor Joel Osteen at the Spirit centre,” Jorji’s Christmas card read.

Inside was a mock-up of an A4 ticket sheet that read: “AEG presents A Night With Our Lord and Saviour Joel Osteen”.

“I was thrown and wondering why they thought I had meant the Lord instead of Lorde,” she said.

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The Christmas card Jorji received did not contain the Lorde tickets she was hoping for

The disappointment did not last long. Jorji’s parents were unable to keep up the joke for more than a few minutes.

“My dad then gave me another card that looked exactly like the first. It said ‘Ha Lorde’ and the real tickets were inside.”

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Jorji will be going to see Lorde in March after all

Jorji’s post has attracted more than 42,000 retweets and 164,000 likes as social media users shared the Christmas present prank, which Jorji’s mum confirmed on her own Twitter page.

“Your parents are cool! This will be a story to tell your kids one day,” commented one Twitter user in response.

Another post read: “This is the best thing 2017 has given us.”

Jorji says her own favourite reaction was from a Twitter user who clearly did not get the joke. “Someone replied ‘ungrateful’ and I thought that was hilarious,” she said.

While it is unclear if Lorde herself is aware of the prank, Jorji’s mum Reigina said a number of social media users users have tweeted the New Zealand born singer requesting tickets on Jorji’s behalf, something which she tweeted was not necessary.

“Now if we get the almost 10K Twitter people to stop begging Lorde for tix, that’d be great. She’s going to see Lorde people 😜,” she posted on December 29th.

As for the other Lord, Jorji says if the joke has taught her anything it is that she should probably go to church more often.

By Rozina Sini, BBC’s UGC and Social News team


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