Afghanistan explosion: Shia organisation hit in Kabul

Afghanistan explosion: Shia organisation hit in Kabul


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A suicide attack on Monday in Kabul left at least 10 people dead

At least four people have been killed and a number of others wounded in an explosion at a Shia cultural and religious organisation in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The head of the organisation’s media branch, Afghan Press, told the BBC he believed it was a suicide bomb attack.

No-one has yet said they were behind the explosion.

In recent months, so-called Islamic State has been carrying out attacks on Shia targets across the country.

Images on social media showed a number of bodies in a courtyard following the blast.

The Afghan health ministry said six people were also injured, although other reports put this figure higher.

A number of students were reportedly attending a discussion forum with media group members at the offices at the time.

There are reports of at least one other explosion in the Afghan capital on Thursday.

In October, at least 39 people were killed in an attack on a mosque belonging to the Shia minority.

Ten people were also killed in a suicide bomb attack near the compound of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency in Kabul on Monday.


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