North Korea brands Trump’s US security report ‘criminal’

North Korea brands Trump's US security report 'criminal'


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The US has warned North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (fourth from left) to end his weapons testing

North Korea has branded a US security document citing the possible use of “overwhelming force” against Pyongyang as “criminal”, state media report.

Its foreign ministry accused President Donald Trump of seeking “the total subordination of the world” with his new US national security strategy.

Mr Trump said on Monday that Washington had to deal with the challenge posed by Pyongyang’s weapons programmes.

It comes as the UN is due to vote on tougher sanctions against North Korea.

A spokesman for the North Korean foreign ministry said the US national security strategy was “nothing but the proclamation of aggression”, state news agency KCNA reports.

He accused the US of attempting to “stifle our country and turn the entire Korean peninsula into an outpost for seeking that hegemony”.

On Monday, Mr Trump outlined the new US strategy, criticising North Korea for its repeated nuclear missile tests despite condemnation from both the US and the UN.

Last month, the US president also redesignated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Tensions rose this year over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes, which it pursues in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions.

The Trump administration has said it is seeking a diplomatic solution and has proposed new, tougher sanctions against Pyongyang.

Measures outlined include the banning of up to 90% of the nation’s oil supply and the repatriation of all North Korean nationals working abroad within 12 months, according to AFP news agency.

In September, Mr Trump also proposed a freeze on leader Kim Jong-un’s assets.

The UN Security Council will vote later on whether to impose the tougher sanctions in a resolution that will hinge on support from China and Russia.

North Korea is already subject to a raft of sanctions from America, the UN and the EU.

Washington has been imposing sanctions on Pyongyang since 2008, freezing the assets of individuals and companies linked to its nuclear programme and banning the exports of goods and services to the country.


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