Super Secret Santa steps up for New Zealand PM

Super Secret Santa steps up for New Zealand PM


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Jacinda Arden’s video has been viewed around 56,000 times across Twitter and Facebook

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has unwrapped her Secret Santa gift after taking part in a nationwide present-swap event.

It is a decoration, her first one for her Christmas tree.

The prime minister is among almost 4,000 people across the country who have taken part in the swap . Although Ms Ardern did not receive a gift from her allotted anonymous giver, she says a “Super Secret Santa stepped up” to send her a present.

For the uninitiated, Secret Santa sees participants draw names at random and buy (usually small) gifts for each other without revealing who they are from. And Super Secret Santa sees some people send extra gifts.

Since the end of November, #nzsecretsanta has been trending on Twitter with #SuperSecretSanta trending on Tuesday after Ms Ardern’s post to thank whoever sent her gift.

The mystery New Zealander who sent the tree decoration also included a letter which Ms Ardern read out loud in the video she posted on Twitter and Facebook:

“Hi Jacinda, here is an extra present from another NZ Secret Santa. I am also a ridiculous lover of Christmas, with my tree decorated in early November with trinkets and treasures from all over the world and handmade items.

“There are only four people who have one of these. Me, my actual, proper Secret Santa recipient for 2017, my mum and now you.”

Ms Ardern admitted she has put up a tree which is undecorated as yet, but the gift would be going straight to the top of it.

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As a self-described fan of Christmas, New Zealand’s youngest prime minister since 1856 also shared her gift being sent earlier this month as part of the Secret Santa scheme.

Meanwhile, James O’Doherty, Sky News Bureau Chief in New Zealand, shared the gift he received in reference to Ms Ardern’s cat, Paddles, who died in an accident in November.

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