Teruel Spain: Arrest made after murder of police officers

Teruel Spain: Arrest made after murder of police officers


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Police patrol the streets of Albalate del Arzobispo in Teruel province after three people were killed

A man suspected of killing three people in Spain on Thursday has been arrested.

Norbert Feher, a Serbian national also known as Igor Vaclavic, is the prime suspect in the killing of two Spanish police officers and a farmer in the north-eastern region of Aragon on Thursday.

Mr Feher is suspected of at least three other murders in Italy.

He was previously imprisoned in Italy for eight years and is wanted by Interpol.

Commonly known as Igor the Russian, Mr Feher is suspected of murdering two Civil Guards, Víctor Romero Pérez and Víctor Jesús Caballero Espinosa, along with a local farmer, José Luis Iranzo.

Police sources told Spanish newspaper El País he had already attacked several houses, injuring two people and killing a dog, on 5 December..

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Norbert Feher is suspected of several other violent crimes in both Spain and Italy

An expert in martial arts and firearms, he is suspected by Italian police of several violent crimes. including murder, in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna and in the city of Bologna.

In April, he was the subject of a 1,000-person manhunt in Emilia-Romagna after his alleged crimes there.

Until Thursday afternoon, the Spanish Civil Guard had been working with the Italian police to locate the suspect, who was believed to be living in Malaga in the south of Spain.

The reason why Mr Feher was in Aragon is as yet unclear.

He was detained on Friday morning after a traffic accident in the province of Teruel in Aragon in the north-east of Spain.


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