Bali jailbreak: US inmate escapes notorious Kerobokan prison

Bali jailbreak: US inmate escapes notorious Kerobokan prison


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The prison is famous for its residents the so-called Bali nine

A US man held for drug possession has escaped from Bali’s most notorious prison and is on the run on the Indonesian resort island.

Local media have named the man as Chrishan Beasley, arrested in August for carrying five grams of hashish.

The 32-year old made his escape from Kerobokan prison with a fellow inmate who was recaptured immediately.

Indonesia has very strict anti-drugs laws and frequently arrests foreigners on related charges.

Some reports suggest Mr Beasley and the other inmate escaped by climbing over the prison wall, others said they had cut a hole in the roof with a hacksaw first.

The US citizen was still awaiting his sentencing and it is not clear how much jail time he was likely to get.

The other prisoner, also from the US, has been named by media as 57-year-old Paul Anthony Hoffman who was serving a 20-month sentence for armed robbery.

Mr Hoffman was caught immediately after making the escape while Mr Beasley managed to get away.

  • Australia’s most notorious jailbreaker

In June, there was another jailbreak from Kerobokan when four inmates escaped through a tunnel they dug under a wall.

Indonesia has strict anti-drug laws with the death penalty as a maximum sentence for trafficking.

Kerobokan prison is also where some of the so-called Bali nine are held, a group of Australians convicted of drug-smuggling.

Despite protest from Australian authorities, two of the group were executed while the others are being held in prisons across Indonesia.


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