Honduras election: Opposition requests annulment

Honduras election: Opposition requests annulment


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Mr Nasralla, 64, is leading a left-wing coalition

Opposition parties in Honduras have formally demanded the annulment of last month’s presidential election.

It triggered deadly street violence amid allegations of vote-rigging.

The main opposition contender, Salvador Nasralla, accused the electoral authorities of tampering with the results in favour of the incumbent, Juan Orlando Hernández.

Official results show that Mr Hernández won the vote by a narrow margin, but a partial recount is under way.

“We are not making a simple demand,” said Mr Nasralla.

“The whole world knows what has happened and I do not believe the world will allow Honduras be robbed of the people’s will,” he added.

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Mr Hernández, 49, is seeking a new four-year term

The partial recount was requested by the regional body, the Organisation for American States (OAS).

It said that the electoral court must check a number of alleged irregularities before announcing a result for the 26 November poll.

Votes from nearly 5,000 ballot boxes are being tallied again. Officials say results are due to be announced by Monday.

Mr Nasralla had established a five-point lead over Mr Hernández on the first day of counting.

But the gap began to close after a computer problem was reported at the vote tallying centre in the capital, Tegucigalpa.

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Government supporters say the opposition should accept defeat

Mr Hernández eventually won by 1.6 percentage points.

Thousands of people took to the streets in rival demonstrations over the past two weeks. Human rights group Amnesty International says 14 people died in days of clashes.

The government imposed a curfew, which was lifted after on Friday, as violence was controlled.

The electoral tribunal has until 26 December to publish the result of the election.


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