What are the classes and sub-classes in Destiny 2?

What are the classes and sub-classes in Destiny 2?

There are three main classes for players to choose from and they each have their own unique appearance and skill set.

Despite each class having special skills and abilities, the classes are designed to be balanced so that no class has an overall advantage over the others.

Players can also choose their Guardian’s specific species, although this choice has no affect on gameplay, only on appearance.

The three species choices are Human, Exo and Awoken.

Destiny 2 Classes and Sub-Classes


  • Arcstrider
  • Gunslinger
  • Nightstalker


  • Sentinel
  • Striker
  • Sunbreaker


  • Dawnblade
  • Stormcaller
  • Voidwalker


The Hunter class wear hooded cloaks and are lightly armoured and they specialise in agility.

Players who play with this class will have strengths in stealth, speed and finesse.

They originally roamed the wastelands and learned how to survive in the wild.

Their bravery, ingenuity and experience has made them useful scouts when in dangerous areas.


The Titan class wear full-body armour and swept-back helmets and they specialise in armour.

They also wear a piece of cloth armour on their right hip which shows their allegiance or achievements.

The first Titans built the Wall that protects the city and fought to defend it.


The Warlock class wear rounded helmets and long vestments and they specialise in combing magic powers with modern weapons.

They have long studied The Traveler, which is a large sphere that hangs over Earth, and they use it to harness its powers.

The powers they gain from the Traveler hep with both attack and defence, and Warlocks tend to specialise in ranged melee attacks and using elemental spells.

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