Does Toxicity In Overwatch Spread From Adults To Kids?

Does Toxicity In Overwatch Spread From Adults To Kids?

Video games are something that all ages enjoy. Now, there are games that are certainly only for adults, and there are games that are really only for kids, but the point is, they all enjoy playing games. And when there’s a game that both kids and adults can enjoy, it’s natural for them to have fun together with it. But, that also means that one can influence the other in negative ways, such is the case with Overwatch. For an issue with toxicity seems to be spreading.

Redditor Feline_Lunacy notes that during a game, they played a child who upon beating them said “you guys are crap.” Certainly not something you’d want to hear from an apparent 11-year-old boy. But this does outline a problem with toxicity in the game. For Overwatch has one of the most toxic gaming communities out there today, and because of that, it’s not hard to believe that the words of the adults are influencing the words of the children.

Now, sure, it’s also possible to think that the child heard or learned to talk like this from somewhere else. Even if that’s true though, the problem still remains. With all the negativity out there it’s very possible that players on the younger side will be influenced by it. And then it’ll be the children making the community toxic along with the adults, and no one wants that.

What everyone can agree that they want though is to play Overwatch without fear of name-calling or repulsive remarks or what not, they just want to play the game, and that’s not much to ask for. One Redditor on the thread talked about how two people got onto chat, and worked very hard to support the team they were on. This lead to a five-match winning streak, and the Redditor loved every match they were in.

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