Destiny 2 XP restrictions lifted, but the amount of XP needed to level has been doubled

Destiny 2 XP restrictions lifted, but the amount of XP needed to level has been doubled

Most Americans spent the weekend surrounded by family, turkey, and other food with the Thanksgiving holiday, but some Bungie employees weren’t so lucky. Some Destiny 2 players figured out that the in-game XP system toward your next Bright Engram wasn’t working the way they thought it would, and the controversy drew Bungie out of a food coma to address the issue. Or at least, that’s what they told people. The previous XP system limited your progress toward the next Bright Engram, and after drawing the ire of Destiny 2 players for the second time in as many months, Bungie decided they weren’t happy with the system and would shut it off temporarily à la Star Wars: Battlefront II microtransactions. Things seemed to calm down, until Bungie only fanned the flames when the new system was discovered hours later.

While Destiny 2 doesn’t actively limit your XP progress anymore, the game now requires you to get twice as much XP. Instead of the 80,000 experience you needed under the previous system, you now need 160,000. The major difference is that you can now gain that experience around 6% faster, but it still takes twice as much for the same reward. Once fans started compmlaining about the new system, Bungie confirmed that the “correct value” for a new level is 160,000 XP. The Destiny 2 team will also be sharing details of next month’s update at some point next week, and fans can only hope that the new XP controversy will be among the topics covered.

Destiny 2 previously found Bungie in the middle of a controversy last month when they awarded world first for Leviathan’s prestige mode to a team that glitched their way to victory simply because it wasn’t the glitch they were watching for. Had EA not dominated headlines for the past few weeks with their shady practices in Star Wars: Battlefront II, Bungie may not be facing the level of resistance. Even without EA helping fuel the anger consumers feel toward such practices, the XP system change would have certainly still garnered some attention.

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