New Overwatch Hero Moira Suffering From Ping Issues

New Overwatch Hero Moira Suffering From Ping Issues


It seems as if Overwatch is currently having a bad day at the office. We recently saw the introduction of the 26th hero, Moira, after previously being announced at this year’s Blizzcon event.

A number of players have been reporting that there has been issues with using the new character, with severe ping spikes taking place. Blizzard had previously implemented a patch to solve the issue, stating:

“Hey folks, we just pushed a small change in build If you’ve been affected by this issue since the 1.17 Moira patch, please make sure your client updates to this newer build. It should happen automatically the next time you exit Overwatch.”

Blizzard continued to encourage players to offer any feedback regarding the new build, especially if they had shared their thoughts on the old build. The latest feedback from players still states that there are still issues with Moira, which appear to be affecting a number of different regions. There has been some improvements, but the problems still remain, which are sure to hinder the hero when it comes to selection.

The Moira update originally rolled out on November 17th, which was met with complaints on the same day. The resulting patch that rolled out didn’t arrive until five days later, and it looks as if it still hasn’t addressed the issue entirely. Hopefully this is something that Blizz can get sorted as soon as possible, lest it create more animosity from fans who are eager to use the character on a regular basis.


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