‘Final Fantasy XV’ news: ‘Monster of the Deep’ expansion receives good reviews from critics

'Final Fantasy XV' news: 'Monster of the Deep' expansion receives good reviews from critics

The virtual reality video game “Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV” by Square Enix received great reviews from both fans and critics. The downloadable game was released on Nov. 21 for the PlayStation VR.

The main objective of each player is to catch the “Monster” fish. This fish is the final boss of the VR game. Throughout the game, the gamer, playing as a hunter is tasked by the Hunter’s Guild to catch gigantic fish from disturbing fishing habitats in Eos. The player will work his way up to catch regular fish to the big ones, and finally, the “Monster.”

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV

The player will interact with Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus from “Final Fantasy XV.” Fishing is a mini game in the “Final Fantasy XV” exclusive for the main protagonist, Noctis.

“Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV” was announced back in June. At first, the game was mocked by a few people who are indicating that the effort by the developer to introduce a new content for the game is lacking.

However, several gaming publications online agree that the game’s simple mechanics are elegant and exciting. Some reports consider the VR game are weirdly engaging.

The setting of the game is also commended by critics and fans. Players can enjoy a 360-degree of their surroundings with good details.

Square Enix also released a multiplayer expansion for the game, the “Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.” The expansion was released five days before the fishing content on Nov. 15. Comrades features members of the Kingsglaive.

In the downloadable content, players can create their own character that will serve as their avatar in the game. Comrades also features members of the Kingsglaive like Libertus Ostium, Elea, Miles, Kenny Crow, and more.

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