Elder Scrolls Online Celebrates “Black Fredas”

Elder Scrolls Online Celebrates


The holidays have begun, and with them, comes the chance for many games to celebrate, have fun, add new content, and the arguably best part, offer deals to its players. Well, for Elder Scrolls Online, the MMORPG wants to show this in grand fashion. So, they’ve already begun their sales season via the return of Black Fredas. This special promotion is already going on right now, and if you hurry, you’ll be able to get some real cool stuff, all for a great deal.

How so? Well, you can get the standard Elder Scrolls Online, or the Gold Edition of the game, or the Morrowind expansion for a 50% discount…a piece! So if you need/want one, or two, you can get them for much cheaper. However, as the Steam page notes, the deal for this will end at different times based on what system you’re on. So be sure to check it out to make sure you don’t miss out!

But wait! That’s not the only cool deal you can get here! For, if you own Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, or, purchase Morrowind before the 26th ends, you’ll get absolutely free a Nix-Ox mount! Perfect to traverse the wonders Vvardenfell. All you have to do to get it is own Morrowind, then log into the game before the end of the 26th, then, on the 28th, you’ll get your mount.

Finally, there’s a very special offer for you in the Crown store, mainly, the Black Fredas Special Bundle! This bundle is noted to have 8100 Crowns worth of stuff, and you’re paying a fraction of that to get it in 1900 Crowns.

So, what’s in it? Lessons, scrolls, gems, potions, and… a Tuxedo Bear Mount…I kid you not.

But again, these sales and deals are only available for a limited time! So, don’t waste it, and be sure to enjoy the spoils of this holiday season.


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