‘Overwatch’ Gameplay News: Developers Launch ‘Blizzard World’ Hybrid Map in PTR

'Overwatch' Gameplay News: Developers Launch 'Blizzard World' Hybrid Map in PTR

“Overwatch” players with access to its Public Test Region can now sample the much-awaited Blizzard World map.

In a recent update, developers of “Overwatch” added the hybrid map to the PTR. And as the name suggests, the new location features an array of references to several of Blizzard’s popular games.

Blizzard World was first announced during this month’s BlizzCon via a trailer that showed fans that the map was designed like an amusement park, complete with attractions inspired by the developer’s various games such as “Warcraft,” “StarCraft,” and “Diablo.”

In the patch notes, developers teased: “Charge the gates of Stormwind, sneak through the Nexus Experience, and guide the payload through areas filled with high ground, flanking routes, and environmental hazards.”

A number of references to the popular Blizzard-released games can also be spotted in “snacks at the concession stand” that are found within the virtual amusement park.

Meanwhile, Blizzard World is also called a hybrid map since it combined Escort and Assault gameplays.

Like in real world amusement parks, every attraction has rides based on a single theme. And for Blizzard World, the “Warcraft” area has the most known features since it includes Khadgar’s Herbs, Fargodeep Mine, Darkmoon Ferris Wheel, Gates of Orgrimmar, Hearthstone Tavern, Zepplin Canoeing, Stone Cairn Lake, and many more.

The “StarCraft” stop, on the other hand, consists of the Ghost Academy, Journey to Aiur, Pylon Terrace, Spawning Pool Water Park, Hatchery Petting Zoo, Nexus Experience, Command Center Lift Off, and more.

Meanwhile, some of the locations based on “Diablo’s” gameplay are the Caldeum Market, Den of Evil, Reign of the Black King, and Tyrael’s Fall. Developers also added Blackheart’s Revenge and Heroes Arcade, which were inspired by “Heroes of the Storm.”

Apart from the addition of Blizzard World, the latest patch on “Overwatch’s” PTR also included the “Remove All A.I.” option that can be accessed by right-clicking while in the custom game lobby and choosing “Remove All Bots.”

The PTR is limited to PC players with the Battle.net desktop app and an “Overwatch” game license that has not been banned nor suspended. However, access to the testing platform is free for eligible players.

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