Pokemon Go Players Unlock First Bonuses in Global Catch Challenge

Pokemon Go Players Unlock First Bonuses in Global Catch Challenge

Pokemon Go players hit their first milestone in the Global Catch Challenge, but they still have a lot of work to do to reach their final goal.

At around 2 AM Tuesday morning, Pokemon Go announced that players had collectively caught 500 million Pokemon, meaning that they had reached the first milestone in the Global Catch Challenge. Players have until November 26th to capture 3 billion Pokemon and unlock Farfetch’d spawns around the world.

For reaching the 500 million milestone, players will now get double XP until December 1st. Lures will also last for six hours instead of their usual 30 minutes, and more Pokemon are spawning around the world than usual. All of the bonuses were implemented almost immediately, although it took a few hours for raids to get the full XP bonus.

The next goal is 1.5 billion, which will unlock double Stardust bonuses until December 1st. At the current capture rate, players should hit that goal by Thursday.

We reported yesterday that Pokemon Go‘s Global Catch Challenge got off to a bit of a slow start, as players only caught about 300 million Pokemon during the event’s first 24 hours. In order to reach the 3 billion Pokemon end goal, players needed to catch about 450 million Pokemon per day. It took players about 12 hours to get from 300 million to 500 million, so players are still lagging behind the pace needed to reach 3 billion Pokemon.

With more Pokemon now appearing in the wild, Pokemon Go players should be able to make up for lost time and hit that 3 billion Pokemon mark by week’s end. We’ll continue to update on the Global Catch Challenge’s progress as it happens.

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