Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gets a New Update for Ghost War

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gets a New Update for Ghost War

Ubisoft has recently released an update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands‘ PVP mode, Ghost War. In this latest addition to the game, Ghost War received new game mode, new maps, and a new class, as well as a number of fixes and tweaks. The ‘Interference’ update, available as of November 15th, is available for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Ghost War‘s new game mode, Uplink, has players competing in teams of four. In the mode, teams “stand against each other and try to reach the objective: hack the access point placed centrally on the map before the opposite team does it. Hacking the objective will grant a victory – that is if you don’t eliminate the enemy team before that, as that is also a valid way to win.” Uplink comes with four new maps: Warehouse, Oil Rush, Burn Out, and Sub Factory; Ubisoft added that these maps were “carefully chosen to provide diverse tactic conditions” and give “every team equivalent conditions to run (or sneak) for victory.” Ghost War‘s Elimination mode also received two new maps, Cartel Depot and Farm Town.

The new class, Disruptor, possesses “unique abilities [which] allow them to affect the HUD of opponents who come too close to them. If enemies come too close to Disruptors, their HUD will be scrambled, leaving them to depend on nothing but their eyes.” Included on the long list of additional adjustments are various PVP and balancing fixes, map changes, and edits to the Ghost Recon Network.

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