‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ News: Update 1.8 Now Set for Early December Arrival

'Tom Clancy's The Division' News: Update 1.8 Now Set for Early December Arrival

“Tom Clancy’s The Division” players have been waiting a while now for the previously announced Update 1.8. And at long last, some good news related to it was provided just recently.

According to a new “State of the Game” blog post, Update 1.8 will be officially released for the live game sometime early next month. A more specific date beyond that was not provided, but at the very least, it gives players a smaller window of time to focus on.

Developers acknowledged that the release of Update 1.8 was taking longer than usual, and they also explained why that was so.

According to the developers, Update 1.8 is a “large content update” and because of that, tweaking and refining it has required more time. Even the testing period for the update has taken longer, relative to what was needed for those previously released.

Once Update 1.8 is officially released for “The Division,” it will introduce several significant features.

The first of the important features is the Resistance game mode. While playing Resistance, players will have to band together as they face off against the allied members of enemy factions. Enemy units will go after the players in waves, and there are also tasks known as Critical Objectives that need to be completed.

Update 1.8 also contains the Skirmish game mode. Here, players will be divided into teams of four and their only enemies are their fellow Agents. The first team to tally a total of 20 eliminations will claim victory.

Players will also be able to travel to the West Side Piers as soon as Update 1.8 is finally released. The West Side Piers will feature its own social hub, and there are also new missions and assignments players can take on while they are here.

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