Destiny 2: Calus Beat on Prestige By Only Two Players

Destiny 2: Calus Beat on Prestige By Only Two Players


When the Leviathan raid was first conquered, many players said there would be no way to defeat the final boss without a full fireteam. But leave it to some talented players within the Destiny 2 community to take on the challenge, with the latest feat being a successful 2-man run of Calus, the final boss, on the raid’s harder Prestige Mode.

It’s another notch in the belts of prestigious raiders and Destiny challenge runners Slayerage and Epicookiez, who have previously beaten Calus and the Pleasure Gardens encounter by themselves as well.  Slayerage posted the entire run, which he said took about 40 hours worth of attempts to finally complete:

It’s an extremely impressive run, and Slayerage details a little more about how the two overcame some of the challenges in Destiny 2‘s first raid. For example, how did they know which Psion needed to be killed within the throne room? The answer is, they didn’t. Instead, the Throne Room player punches whatever Psion is closest to swap places with the player in the Shadow Realm. It’s a lot of timing and precision for the Shadow Realm player and the Throne Realm player needs to stay alive as best they can. Luckily, the Psion bubbles provide decent protection.

Since the two aren’t actually relying on the ramps to protect them from getting pulled into Calus’ mouth, it doesn’t matter which Psion they melee. As long as the Psionic Projections in the Shadow Realm are killed before the swap is made then the two are on the right track.

Destiny 2 final boss Emperor Calus win 4 minutes

They also avoided getting eaten by Calus thanks to the higher framerate on PC, which allowed them to crouch/slide while also killing as many enemies and the Psionic Projections as possible. They also use their abilities very effectively including the exotic Lunafaction Boots to allow a steady stream of damage on the skulls in the Shadow Realm.

Slayerage and Epicookies have built quite a name for themselves tackling the Leviathan raid, including being the World First team on the Normal Difficulty and clearing various encounters with very few players. From here there aren’t too many more challenges left to tackle, but there is at least one more. Next week Leviathan will turn on its final challenge mode, which happens to be none other than Calus.


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