Canada deer trapped in hammock still on the loose

Canada deer trapped in hammock still on the loose

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A Canadian deer who has warmed the hearts of locals is still on the loose.

Nicknamed “Hammy” after he got stuck in a purple hammock, the buck has become a bit of a celebrity in his hometown of Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

He was cut loose from the hammock by police back in August, but ran off before they could remove the tangle of purple twine from his right antler.

So far he has eluded conservation officers who want to remove the twine before rutting season.

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During the autumn, male deer lock antlers to show off their strength and impress the does.

Hammy’s colourful antler ornament may be the source of his fame, but it could make him vulnerable with other bucks.

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Since getting tangled in August, Hammy has amassed quite the following on social media. Marcedés Mack, who first found Hammy caught in the hammock, set up a Facebook page to post Hammy sightings.

“I kind of felt an attachment, so I figured if I started a page for him, I could bring the community together to keep tabs on Hammy for me by sharing pics and stories,” Ms Mack told the CBC.

He is now a kind of town mascot, with community members making and sharing Hammy memes, Hammy ornaments, Hammy T-shirts and Hammy Halloween costumes.

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