[Watch] Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X graphics comparison

[Watch] Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X graphics comparison


With Final Fantasy XV having received an Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro enhancement patch, there was a good reason to revisit the game on both consoles in or order to figure which beefed up console offers the best experience.

Digital Foundry took the two versions and compared them as best they could.

The Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro enhanced version of Final Fantasy XV offers the same three modes, but the modes don’t translate to the same result on both consoles. The Xbox One X version manages to handle the High Quality mode fairly well, while the PS4 Pro is best on Steady.

The Xbox One X version is ‘cleaner’ looking, with sharper textures and better shadows. Both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro see dynamic resolution scaling. The Pro uses checkerboard rendering while the Xbox One X delivers native resolution.

The Xbox One X sees a slight degradation in performance when you get to the first major city – frame rate becomes less stable while walking around (not as big of an issue on PS4 Pro. The drops in frame rate can also occur in gameplay, again, the same areas are less affected on the Pro. Most of these issues appeared after six or seven hours of play time.

Ultimately, Digital Foundry finds that the best way to play Final Fantasy XV on consoles is on the Xbox One X, despite some of the issues they encountered.


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