Final Fantasy XV Plays Up Kingdom Hearts 3 PC Hopes

Final Fantasy XV Plays Up Kingdom Hearts 3 PC Hopes


It is official. Square Enix has moved on to develop Kingdom Hearts 3 following the successful release of Final Fantasy XV just like how they promised to do so a couple of years ago.

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts Series can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to get released as the game will be the ultimate closure for the protagonist, Sora. Details on Kingdom Hearts 3 are scare at the moment but we do know that the game is likely to be best played on the PC.

The PC is undeniably more versatile, capable and powerful than the traditional gaming consoles but game developers rarely tailor-make their games for the best PC performance. This is with the exception of Square Enix, which has made it known that they prefer the PC over the consoles.

The game developer spoke in an interview very recently ago and they shared that it was much easier for them to launch Final Fantasy XV on the PC than the consoles. There are a number of restrictions and strict measurements on both the PS4 and Xbox One which Square Enix is never fond off.

The game developer added that every game development is done on the PC and this is why they can easily offer the most optimized Final Fantasy experience on the platform.

Square Enix may have not mentioned Kingdom Hearts 3 during this particular interview but the details provided on the development of Final Fantasy XV greatly suggests that things are going to be no different for the Disney-related title.

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