Final Fantasy XV Comrades: How to Play With Friends

Final Fantasy XV Comrades: How to Play With Friends


Final Fantasy XV: Comrades introduces multiplayer into the game for the first time, and the ability to create your very own avatar. As such, you’ll probably want to undertake quests and battle monsters with a group of friends. After all, coordination and teamwork can certainly help you through some of the tougher enemies. Luckily, the game gives you the ability to join in with friends, although it’s a bit tricky to do so.

To play with friends, you’ll first need to undertake a quest at HQ in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. Once you have one selected, on the next screen hit Custom for matching. What needs to happen is either you or your friend creates a room by hitting new, and then set the code to whatever four digits you want. Give that code to your friends if you create the room, or get theirs if they do. Now to find the room hit triangle (or Y) to open conditions and set the code to that four digit one you’re looking for. Once you’ve set that, you should see your friend’s room pop up and be able to join it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a faster way to join a friend’s game or have them join your room in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.

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