Compatible amiibo Figures for Nintendo Switch Version Revealed

Compatible amiibo Figures for Nintendo Switch Version Revealed

Another version of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is due out soon, with this one coming to the Nintendo Switch. This Switch version will have some exclusive features, including ones that are accessible only by using amiibo figures.

It was revealed previously that players will be able to obtain new items in the game if they tap certain amiibo figures. And now, developers have detailed exactly which amiibo figures are compatible with it.

If players want to get their hands on “special gear,” they can tap certain amiibo figures of characters featured in “The Legend of Zelda” series.

Different types of Link amiibo figures can be used for the game. Switch owners who already have the amiibo figures for the pixelated, toon versions, or other variants of Link from “Majora’s Mask,” “Ocarina of Time,” “Skyward Sword,” “Super Smash Bros.,” “Twilight Princess” and “Breath of the Wild” can utilize those to get their hands on special pieces of equipment.

The “Super Smash Bros.,” “Wind Waker” and “Breath of the Wild” Zelda amiibo figures are likewise compatible with the Nintendo Switch version of “Skyrim.”

Other amiibos that can be used if players want to get special items include the “Breath of the Wild” figures for Bokoblin, Daruk, the Guardian, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa.

The Ganondorf and Sheik “Super Smash Bros.” amiibos as well as the Wolf Link figurine will also grant access to those special pieces of equipment.

Examples of the special items players can obtain after tapping those aforementioned “Legend of Zelda” amiibo figures are the Master Sword, Hylian Shield and the Champion’s Tunic.

If Switch owners do not have those aforementioned amiibo figures on hand or they just want to get more items, they can still use other figures to receive some loot in the game. Amiibo figures that can be used for this purpose include ones that feature “Super Mario” and “Splatoon” characters.

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