Pokémon Go creators behind Harry Potter augmented reality game

Pokémon Go creators behind Harry Potter augmented reality game

The game contains elements of augmented reality. The game’s use of real locations is similar to Niantic and Nintendo Co Ltd’s Pokemon Go, which became the first mass market adoption of AR in July 2016 and allows players to “catch” animated characters that appeared in their real surroundings. Harry Potter fans will soon get a chance to explore the Wizarding World in real life with a new mobile game from Pokemon Go creators Niantic.

“The upcoming games will showcase a wide range of new and familiar characters “‘at different points in their lives’ from the Harry Potter stories”. Some of the previous games featuring the franchise include the eight movie tie-in games from EA, as well as Warner Bros.’ Lego Harry Potter series, among others.

They will also be able to team up with fellow wizards and face off against more powerful foes together. But the game, Niantic said, will also provide “an opportunity to pioneer all new technology and gameplay mechanics”.

The blog post was made on November 8, and ever since then, fans of “Harry Potter” have been rejoicing. Niantic has not announced a release date, but the company said more information will be available in 2018.

Excited fans can check Niantic’s Website for updates regarding the game and its progress. Furthermore, the report noted that the creation of Portkey Games will usher in a new wave of “Harry Potter” games for consoles after a relatively long hiatus.

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