Nivelle Nights Map Now Available for All

Nivelle Nights Map Now Available for All

Game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has made Nivelle Nights available for all owners of “Battlefield 1,” Video Gamer confirmed.

The first ever map set at night time for “Battlefield 1” was originally exclusive to Premium Pass owners as a bonus. In Nivelle Nights, players can witness French and German armies battle each other in No Man’s Land, around the areas of Malmaison and Soupir, the official blog site reveals.

Nivelle Nights brings a challenge to “Battlefield 1” players because sight is limited due to the nighttime setting. The moon, searchlights, and the artillery are friends for players navigating through the night map since these will be their source of light throughout the area.

This will make it harder for players to find their enemies lurking in concealed areas, as well as it brings an advantage to those who are sneaking up on their opponent.

All modes in “Battlefield 1” is playable on Nivelle Nights except for Operations. One recommended mode best to play on Nivelle Nights is Frontlines. It is described as something in between Conquest and Rush, where two teams will battle each other to win over control points in a tug-of-war frontline, one area at a time.

Players also have access to all weapons available in “Battlefield 1” and those from the They Shall Not Pass downloadable content. Tanks, cavalry, and other vehicles will also be available in Nivelle Nights, depending on the game mode.

“Battlefield 1” already has an almost-four-minute video of “Nivelle Nights” gameplay posted on their site, so interested players can see first-hand what type of action they’ll be getting themselves into in the night map.

“Battlefield 1” is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Players can get Nivelle Nights through the game’s Operations Campaigns Update.

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