Photos of the Week: 10/14–10/20

Photos of the Week: 10/14–10/20

Two members of the farm team stand with a sedated and blindfolded white rhino, before it has its horn trimmed at the ranch of rhino breeder John Hume on October 16, 2017, in the North West Province of South Africa. John Hume is currently the owner of around 1,500 white and black rhinos, which he keeps under armed guard on his 19,800 acre property. In a bid to prevent poaching and conserve the different species of rhino, the horns of the animals are regularly trimmed, with 264 of the off-cuts recently being placed on sale at auction. The controversial decision to sell the horns was made on the basis that the illegal market creates an inflated value, while a controlled system would lower the prices and the need to poach. Mr Hume believes that the only way to ensure that the rhino does not become extinct is through farming the animals on a large scale and legalizing the sale of rhino horn globally.

Leon Neal / Getty

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