Donald Trump Announces Iran Nuclear Deal Plan: Watch Online


President Donald Trump is set to announce his plans for the Iran nuclear deal in a speech scheduled to start at the White House around 12:45 p.m. local time on Friday.

Trump’s speech is expected to outline specific faults he finds in the pact and also focus on an array of Iran’s non-nuclear activities, including support for Syrian President Bashar Assad and Tehran’s ballistic missile program, four officials and advisers told the Associated Press.

The President is expected to say that he is not planning to withdraw from the landmark 2015 accord or immediately re-impose sanctions against Tehran, according to U.S. officials and outside advisers to the administration. However, he will notify Congress that he is “decertifying” the deal.

Decertification would send the issue to Congress, which can decide whether to re-impose sanctions on Iran that the deal eliminated. The resumption of certain sanctions could lead to the unraveling of the agreement itself, along with renewed Iranian nuclear activity and increased instability in the Middle East.

Watch Trump’s speech above.

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