Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 – End Date, New Legendary Halloween Skins, New Junkenstein’s Revenge Mode

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 - End Date, New Legendary Halloween Skins, New Junkenstein's Revenge Mode

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is back, returning from when it first came to Overwatch back in October 2016. Several Legendary Skins will be returning for the event in Halloween loot boxes, and in this Overwatch Halloween Terror guide we’ll be running down all the brand new character skins you can find, as well as the start and end dates for the Halloween Terror event. 

We have a wealth of additional guides on Overwatch here at USgamer, all of which can be found in our Overwatch guides hub, including guides on how to perfect your playstyle as your favorite hero, as well as how to earn Loot Boxes as quickly as possible. 

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Event

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event was announced to be returning to the game in time for Halloween 2017 by Blizzard on Twitter in the tweet below. Now that the Halloween Terror 2017 event, has kicked off in full, we’ll be able to detail all the new Overwatch Halloween Terror skins, as well as run down everything you need to know about the Junkenstein’s Revenge Endless mode.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Start and End Dates

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event first premiered in Overwatch back in October 2016, launching worldwide for the game on October 16. For the Halloween Terror 2017 event however, the event started on October 10, giving players even more time to find any of the brand new Overwatch Halloween Skins in loot boxes before Halloween eventually rolls around. 

We don’t know right now when the event will end, however, as all we had to go on in the Halloween Terror 2017 trailer above was the start date of October 10. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for any additional information, so make sure to check back on this post in the near future once we know more information. 

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Legendary Skins

Since the Overwatch Halloween 2017 event has now begun, we can confirm that old Overwatch Halloween skins are returning to the game, featuring the likes of Mercy and Reaper. In addition to this, a whole host of new Overwatch Halloween skins are arriving, all of which you can see just below. 

The Reaper skin for the Overwatch Halloween Terror event back in 2016.

Overwatch New Halloween Skins

We’ve compiled every single new Overwatch Halloween skin for various characters just below, including the likes of Symmetra, Zarya, Mei, and Zenyatta. 

Overwatch Junkenstein’s Revenge Endless Mode

A brand new mode for the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 event is the Junkenstein’s Revenge Endless mode, bringing back the mode that was last seen in the Halloween 2016 event, but putting a slightly new twist on it. 

In the Junkenstein’s Revenge Endless mode, all four players will have to team up to survive against 12 total waves of Zomnics (Omnics, but zombified), including several boss characters. You might be familiar with the likes of Roadhog, Mercy, Junkrat, and Reaper as bosses throughout the 12 waves, but this time Symmetra will also make an appearance, in her brand new Legendary Halloween Skin.

The characters that the four players can choose from are Soldier: 76, McCree, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Ana, Zenyatta, and Genji. We’d recommend having at least one healer on your team for the Junkenstein’s Revenge Endless mode, as well as Torbjorn, who can prove particularly useful when you place his turret right outside the castle gates.

Once all 12 waves of the mode have been completed, Zomnics and boss characters alike will begin to spawn at a rapid rate, and at this point you can see multiple Roadhogs and Reapers at the same time. You’ll have to hold them all off for as long as you can, but should all of your team be killed at the same time, Junkenstein’s Revenge Endless mode will come to a close. 

This is all the information we have on the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 event right now, but make sure to check out any or our additional Overwatch guides here at USgamer, including how to earn loot boxes quickly, as well as a guide to the best Overwatch heroes in each class.

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