On the Iron Banner Easter Egg Tribute to ‘Overwatch’ and the Latest Bug Fix

On the Iron Banner Easter Egg Tribute to 'Overwatch' and the Latest Bug Fix

Developed by Bungie, “Destiny 2” has become one of the most successful game titles of the year. It has amassed quite the following and has garnered positive reviews from the critics. Recent reports have revealed that the developers found a way to surprise the gaming community in the form of an “Overwatch” Easter egg in the Iron Banner. Furthermore, Bungie has finally come around to working on a bug that has frustrated most of their fans.

“Destiny 2” just launched Iron Banner, and it brought back the multiplayer event that was first seen in the original release of the game. It was discovered by a gamer named Wayne Ng, who noticed the reference while in the Iron Banner of “Destiny 2.”

The reference came in the form of “Overwatch” antagonist Reaper, and Ng was able to pull off a 20-player kill streak, which concluded with a voice line from “Destiny 2” announcer Lord Saladin. The Easter egg lasts only for a few seconds but fans of both games will be able to notice fast enough to make the connection.

“Destiny 2” and “Overwatch” are related as they are both under Activision Blizzard. They are also set to be released on Battle.net for PC. Furthermore, the voice actor behind Reaper and Lord Saladin are the same, and they are both brought to life by Keith Ferguson.

Aside from the surprise Easter egg in Iron Banner, “Destiny 2” developers also addressed a bug that has caused the system to crash when players attempted to go back to the Tower, a social space that is necessary to progress in the game.

The Hotfix is now available for download, and so far, fans have reported that it is working quite well. Furthermore, Bungie neglected to mention if the problem had been PlayStation 4 exclusive as most of the players who reported the bug were playing on Sony’s flagship.

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