Destiny 2 guide: Inverted Spire Nightfall walkthrough

Destiny 2 guide: Inverted Spire Nightfall walkthrough

Destiny 2’s Inverted Spire strike takes place on Nessus, a lush Vex world where you’ll fight through Cabal and their drill site. Once that mission is complete, you will descend into the Inverted Spire to defeat Protheon, Modular Mind.

Modifiers are unique challenges added to the Nightfall every week. So far, one modified how quickly you can kill things or how easy it is to kill you, and another impacted the Nightfall timer. These change each week and require you to adapt for each new Nightfall.

Timewarp: Killing Time modifier

Killing Time is one of the more fun Nightfall modifiers. For each enemy you kill, you’re awarded time. For most grunt enemies, you will get two seconds per kill. For majors and big enemies, you will get about seven.

This requires some mental math and prediction. For example, a Vex kill will add two seconds to your timer. If you can kill a Vex in one second, then you net one second from the kill while also removing one enemy from the fight.

To succeed here, grab a subclass and a power weapon that deal area of effect (AOE) damage. There are quite a few places in this strike where enemies bunch up close together. A good rocket or grenade could save and earn you extra time.

The general idea of Killing Time is that you should be skipping very few enemies. Kill quickly and efficiently and stay together as a crew. The faster you take enemies down, the easier the Nightfall will be.

Attrition modifier

With this modifier active, your health or shields will regenerate much slower than normal. However, enemies will drop small pools of light that you can collect. Doing so will give you a buff, granting you some Super energy and instantly starting your health regeneration. Protheon, Modular Mind, the final boss, summons quite a few adds, so locating pools is rarely difficult in the final fight.

For this Nightfall, Attrition hurts in a few places:

  • In the great Vex cave before you descend into the battlefield, Attrition can save your life here with the instant regeneration, or you could get stuck sniping Vex for ages with extremely low health. Be aggressive and quick.
  • In the “eliminate drill security” section, if you run the strategy where only one player jumps into the drill to activate it, you won’t notice Attrition much.
  • Because of the slowed regeneration and depending on your enemies’ accuracy, running through the drill toward the end of the Nightfall can be very difficult. Run quickly as a team and skip as many enemies as possible. If you lose one or two teammates, they should be pulled to your group once the surviving teammates starts the boss fight.

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