see the Sparrow reimagined as a water craft

see the Sparrow reimagined as a water craft

It’s fun to zip around on the Sparrow, but that sort of technology doesn’t exist in real life…or, at least, the technology to operate one on land.

Destiny 2 doesn’t give you a Sparrow until you finish campaign (which is just one of the many things we cover in our enormous Destiny 2 guide, by the way), but once you have it zipping across each planet is one of the game’s great pleasures.

With this in mind, Destiny has teamed up with Nitro Circus to produce and test some Sparrow watercraft. They’ve released a video of their stunt guys pulling all kinds of neat tricks on the back of these things as they tear through the water.

These things can travel at 20mph and fly up to 20 feet into the air. All the details are up on the Activision blog if you want some deeper reading on this.

There’s not necessarily a whole lot to this beyond a few cool stunts, but, hey, the Sparrows look pretty neat out on the water. Hopefully the Sparrow Racing League will return at some point and give us more reasons to spent time with our own Sparrows.

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