Battlefield 1 Upcoming Expansion “Turning Tides”, Campaign Operations, and More Coming Out Soon

Battlefield 1 Upcoming Expansion “Turning Tides”, Campaign Operations, and More Coming Out Soon

Battlefield 1 is a first person shooter developed by EA DICE and distributed by Electronic Arts. This is the 5th installment in the Battlefield series. The game received a great reception on release, as it provided a fresh retake on the First World War, introducing a retro setup with steam-punk weapons. Battlefield 1 released on October 21, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. DICE and EA have a lot planned for the game this month and the next, bringing out new expansions and game modes.

Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer

Upcoming Operation Campaigns

In November, a new game mode will be made available to players called Operation Campaigns. This mode will “expand the frontline clashes between attackers and defenders,” by stringing together multiple Operations with “unique rewards” handed out. It is a variant of the game more Operations. The new mode was supposed to come out in October, but DICE postponed the release because they wanted to “make sure that it’s a great experience.”

The first Operation Campaign is called Eastern Storm, which combines In the Name of the Tsar: Brusilov Offensive and Red Tide. The owners of the Battlefield 1 premium pass or the DLC In the Name of the Tsar can avail this new game mode.

The second Operation Campaign will release later on, titled Fall of Empires. This will include the base game’s Iron Walls and Conquer Hell.

Future Operation Campaigns are yet to be announced.

Operation Campaign Rewards

Players can play the event as many times as they want until the time runs out. On success full completion of the Operation Campaign, the player will be awarded with a special Battlepack. The Operation can be won by gathering enough points. On the first win, the player will also receive an Operation Campaigns Codex.

Expansion: Turning Tides

The Turning Tides expansion drops in December, which will bring in new maps in land, air and sea for the players to explore. The expansion will be more focused on Naval Warfare, taking the players through the Zeebrugge Raid and the Gallipoli Offensive, with the British Royal Marines as a new playable faction.

Battlefield is also celebrating the franchise’s 15th year anniversary. Players who login to the game between 12th to 16th October will be rewarded with Anniversary Dog Tags, chances to participate in Battlefield 1 Year Anniversary events, missions, and much more.


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