Wildlands’ Free To Play This Weekend

Wildlands' Free To Play This Weekend

Looking to buy “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” but still unconvinced by the countless playthroughs on YouTube? Good news as Ubisoft is letting gamers try out the open world tactical shooter for free this weekend.

The promotion is primarily due to the new four-against-four PvP mode, Ghost War, which launched this week as a free update to the base game. The new mode introduces a range of mode-specific maps and classes, all of which are highlighted in the update’s trailer.

The mode features eight maps set in various and terrain from lush rainforests to rural mining towns. 12 different classes are available subdivided into three categories: Marksman, Assault, and Support. This allows players to construct a well-balanced tactical team to defeat their opponents in battle.

Ubisoft also promises to expand Ghost War with more new content, new classes, and game modes for players to hone their strategies. Season pass owners can get a head start on everything added to the game with one-week early access prior to their release.

Finally, the PvP mode will incorporate a ranking system adding more competitive aspect into the game. With the promise of new content to be added and a leaderboard to boot, Ghost War will add a whole new level of excitement to “Ghost Recon: Wildlands.”

So for those looking to try out the game and its new PvP mode, they can get a free crack at it starting Thursday, Oct. 12 up until Sunday, Oct. 15. Players can start pre-loading the game starting Tuesday, Oct. 10, via uPlay.

And even if the free trial isn’t enough to win gamers over, Ubisoft is also offering all versions of the game at a 50 percent discount for the duration of the event. Any progress they make in the free trial will also be carried over when they purchase the game.

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