Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Don’t Worry About Your Power Level, Pick Your Best Gear

Like Trials of the Nine, the Iron Banner in Destiny 2 doesn’t provide any advantages based on a Guardian’s Power level. This means that a 305 player is regarded the same as a 105 player (though you should be much higher than 105 after the story). Because of this, you don’t have to feel forced to pick certain guns because they have a higher number tied to them. Instead, you should focus on equipping weapons and armor pieces that best suit your playstyle.

You like the Lincoln Green but only have one at 260 light? Go for it and show them how you’ve mastered pulse rifles. Maybe your Foetracer helmet is still the same Power that you received it at during Destiny 2’s story, there’s nothing stopping you from using it. Just pick your favorite gear and you should do well. Of course, if you have no good gear, then you may want to grind for some (which can be done in the Iron Banner).

You Only Need One Guardian to Capture a Zone

Destiny 2 switched things up when it came to Control in Crucible. In the past, the more players you had on a zone, the faster the point was captured. That’s not how things work in this sequel. Whether you have one Guardian on a zone or your entire Fireteam of four, the speed will not change. You want to use this fact to your advantage.

Push with your team to clear out a zone, then leave someone behind as you push the next one. This presents the opportunity for you to outnumber your opponents on the next zone since you didn’t have to leave half of your team on the previous one. There are times when it’s good to have more than one Guardian playing the objective in Destiny 2, though. If you just know that the enemy team is going to push, it’s good to have a friend watching your back. Or if you’re pushing a zone, you obviously don’t want to do it alone, just in case the enemy is doing the same.

Pushing the Enemy’s First Zone Is a Solid Strategy

The way Control works in Destiny 2 is that each team starts off with one captured zone already, and a clear one up for grabs. Many players like to push the clear one, but that often leads to a nasty firefight that may or may not go your way. A good strategy is to ignore the free one and go straight for your adversary’s, especially during Iron Banner where you’re really trying to win.

This will create one of two scenarios. The first is that the enemy team went for the empty zone, leaving their own free for the taking (we call this best-case scenario). The other is that they had the same idea as you, so you’ll meet somewhere in between. If you can wipe the team at this point, you may be able to go for a Power Play (holding all zones). More often than not, the enemy team will go for the free zone, letting you get the early lead.

Do Not Forget the Objective

For Destiny 2’s first Iron Banner event, the mode is Control. This is not just a kills-based mode. Capturing the objective grants you points as well as a point multiplier which can easily help a team win even if they have fewer kills.

For capturing a zone, your team gets one point added to their score. You also get one for a kill. Take over two zones and you get two points per kill, manage to snag a Power Play and each kill equals a total of three points. By controlling a majority of the map, you have less pressure on you and your team and thus, fewer sweaty moments when you run into the opposition. Remember, if you have the upper hand, the enemy has to push for the objective, otherwise, they’re fighting an uphill battle. Do not be the player or team that forgets the zones exist, it will make for a very rough time in the Iron Banner.

Unless You Absolutely Have to, Do Not Push Alone

This goes for just about any mode really. Thanks to the meta in Destiny 2’s Crucible, team shooting is a big thing. You’ll often find two or more opposing players huddled in some corner shooting you at once, which is a quick way to take anyone out. The only way to break that up is to push with your own team, causing them to fold under pressure during a serious game of chicken (which uses bullets rather than vehicles).

Straying far from your pack is useful for reconnaissance, and great when it comes to flanking. However, you should never be too far, in case you need cover, and you should be communicating with your team at all times. Furthermore, if you absolutely have to push alone, make sure your team knows it and that you’re making helpful callouts so they don’t charge into a bad situation blindly.

Wins Grant More Tokens

Finally, wins grant more tokens in the Iron Banner. Sure, you can get a couple if you lose (so not all is lost), but a win grants 2.5x the amount. A win, no matter how well you personally did in the match, nets you five tokens, so every four wins means you can get a package from Lord Saladin. A loss grants you only two, so you’ll have to play a lot more matches.

Naturally, this isn’t completely in your control. Sometimes you have a bad game or happen to be matched with a particularly unskilled team. However, if you use our above tips, focus on the objective, push the right points, and play as a team, you should do just fine. Pretty soon you’ll prove yourself to be a true Iron Wolf, Guardian.

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