Iceland’s ‘unicorn’ goes under the hammer

Iceland's 'unicorn' goes under the hammer

Iceland’s ‘unicorn’ goes under the hammer

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Erla Porey Olafsdottir

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Einhyrningur’s unique appearance may yet save him from the abbattoir

There’s good news for a single-horned ram found in Iceland earlier this year, after it emerged that he’s been saved from the slaughterhouse.

Einhyrningur, which incidentally is Icelandic for ‘unicorn’, was found among Erla Porey Olafsdottir’s flock with his horns fused into one, and become an internet sensation around the world.

As the Iceland Monitor reported at the time, Einhyrningur was destined for the slaughterhouse. Reykjavik Zoo offered to take him, but Iceland’s strict animal movement rules meant he couldn’t go there, and his sale options were limited.

However, the animal’s future seems a little brighter now with the news that he’s to be auctioned for local charities next month, Frettir news website reports.

Owner Erla says she’s kept Einhyrningur out of the limelight since his brush with fame in April.

“He just spent the summer in the fields with the other rams. But he’s a bit of a loner, he gets left out a bit. I don’t know if it’s because he’s different or whether he just chooses to be alone for some reason,” she told Iceland Monitor.

Erla’s only real concern for the ram is about the horn itself.

“Of course, the horn has grown a lot, and my children are still worried that it will eventually grow into his back because it bends back and forth,” she says.

Image copyright
Erla Porey Olafsdottir

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Einhyrningur will be sold to help local charities

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