Fnatic signs former Leftovers Rocket League team

Fnatic signs former Leftovers Rocket League team

Nicolai ‘Maestro’ Bang, Alexander ‘Sikii’ Karelin, and Nicolai ‘Snaski’ Andersen all performed very well in the Rocket League Rival Series, coming top of the second division and performing positively so far in the round-robin as well.

“I’m ecstatic that we’ve decided to move into Rocket League and I’m even more excited about the group of guys we’ve signed,” said team manager Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson. “They’re extremely motivated, talented players and I’m confident we can achieve some great things in the months to come.”

Fnatic also announced that you can download Fnatic-themed skins for your vehicles via this link too. Is this the best team Fnatic could have signed?

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