Destiny 2 SpeedRunner Sets A New Leviathan Raid Record

Destiny 2 SpeedRunner Sets A New Leviathan Raid Record

With Prestige on its way to the Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2, many players are still doing runs of the event for sweet drops and to show off their skills. There have been some impressive feats when it comes to this particular raid, including a 2 player fireteam taking out the final boss, but that doesn’t mean that Guardians are done showing off what they’ve got. A new team has dethroned the previous speedrunner’s spot and takes the crown for themselves beating out the previous 27 minutes and 24 second victory.

The challenger approached and did not disappoint. The team in question is:

  • Warlock – Gshark
  • Warlock – Mighty Edwin
  • Warlock – SSScrub
  • Titan – Chris Kaizer
  • Titan – ItsWami
  • Hunter – 1H ova

The team took to the Leviathan Raid with skill, communication, and a clear goal in mind. Because of this, they set the new record for clearing the notoriously difficult raid in 23 minutes and 28 seconds! The team made sure to record their victory in the video below and for those looking at this saying “Challenge Accepted”, one fireteam member did die during the boss fight and you know what that means: “So you’re saying there’s a chance” There is absolutely a chance to to beat out the current record holder if all members can stay alive. Take a look at the team’s accomplishment in the video below:

In the video above, the team also provided a walkthrough of how they were able to accomplish such an impressive time. They provided weapons tips, gear checks, and emphasized just how to achieve that “important” speed. They also mention another helpful tip: give your teammates space. Because the act of reviving takes time and time is valuable when chasing a new record, they recommend that everyone should give each other space when taking on puzzles to better chance a successful completion.

With such a detailed video, including weapon recommendations and the emphasis on why the location of Xur is important, it’s only a matter of time before this new record is shattered – especially if the entire fireteam can stay in the game. By that time, the Prestige Leviathan Raid will be available to provide a much more challenging experience and higher stakes to be the best.

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