Ryan Gosling’s SNL Papyrus Skit Takes Down Avatar’s Logo

Ryan Gosling's SNL Papyrus Skit Takes Down Avatar's Logo

Actor Ryan Gosling, who hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, is being widely praised for a laugh-inducing sketch in which he portrays a man outraged over the Avatar movie’s apparent use of the Papyrus font.

In the three-minute skit called “Papyrus,” Gosling plays a regular man who still can’t get over how the designer of the Avatar logo seemingly used the widely available typeface over designing a more creative one for the 2009 blockbuster. Gosling’s character has a meltdown over it — eight years after the movie’s release. He even seeks professional help for his anger in the skit.

The sketch struck a cord among several social media users who said they had been thinking the same thing all these years.

Watch the skit above.

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