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10 Uses For Your Gift Basket After The Celebrations

Gift baskets make great presents for any occasion and are becoming more and more popular throughout the whole year. A gift basket is a great way to give someone something that is a bit more personal and a present that is maybe a bit more substantial than usual. But after the music has stopped, the bar has been drank dry and the streamers have been cleared up off the floor what happens next to your humble gift basket? Obviously you will have removed the contents but is it then only fit for the rubbish bin or is there life after the party for your wicker friend?

With a view to recycling and looking after the planet the answer is most definitely yes. Here are some great ways you can prolong the life of your gift basket after it has become just a basket.

Picnic Hamper – This is the perfect way to reuseyour basket in the summer months.Pack it full of your favourite treats and then set off on a family picnic in the sunshine. All you need to do is line it with a large cloth and then you can use this to sit on if the ground is a little damp.

DVD Storage – If you’re anything like me then your DVD shelf will be overflowing with your latest editions and you’ll be quickly running out of space elsewhere to put them. Most baskets will fit perfectly under your television stand and will give you plenty more space to store your favourite films.

Toy Box – Toys are great but nobody wants them strewn across the living room floor just waiting for someone to trip over them, so why not use your basket as a toy box for the children. They can even decorate it themselves.

Toiletry Holder – Depending on the size of your basket it could be used for a number of things in your bathroom. Small gift baskets will make great storage or display cases for your toiletries that your guests can use, and larger ones can be used to present your towels in a rustic but stylish fashion.

Indoor Herb Garden – All you need for this one is a plastic liner, some soil and seeds for your favourite herbs and spices. Just line the bottom of the basket and plant the seeds in order to create a great little window box. Growing your own herbs is also a great way to save money and the environment.

Magazine Rack – Just because you have read a magazine once doesn’t mean you want to throw it away so why not turn your basket into a magazine rack. This could be extended to book as well if you feel it looks a little bit lonely with just your weekly copy of ‘Heat’ in it.

Bike Basket – Isn’t it annoying when you go out on your bike and end up buying something that you then have balance on your handle bars on the way home? Well by attaching your used gift basket to the front or back of your bike then you will have created a handy carrycase to help with any impulse purchases that catch your eye during your bike ride.

Pet Basket – Depending on the size of your pet you could reuse your basket as a bed for them. They’ll be grateful for the upgrade and it will prolong the life of your hamper by many years.

Fruit Bowl – We all know that we should be eating our five a day but some of us need a constant reminder of this. Fill your gift basket with plenty of fruit to make a great centre piece for the table and a constant source of healthy snacks throughout the day.

Forgotten Items Basket – We all have those items such as keys, wallets and phones that we often put down and forget where we put them. Well having a pot near the door that you can place them in the moment you get home will mean they are all in one place and you’ll know exactly where they are.

Chris Mayhew loves recycling things around the house to prolong their lives. He would recommend Your Gift Basket for anyone looking to give  a gift basket as a present.

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