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Tips For Effectively Training In The Water Instead Of On Land

Do you want to take your workout to a whole new level and challenge your entire body in ways that you’ve never done before? Then consider taking your workout to the nearest pool, whether that’s your own or you need to join a gym or swimming facility. You’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve when you begin exercising regularly in the water.

Thanks to the added resistance created by the water pressure on your body, you’ll notice that your body has to work harder to achieve the same aerobic goals in the pool that you achieve on land with more ease. In order to really get the best results, though, without getting discouraged, follow the tips below, which will guide you in effectively developing a workout routine you’ll love to do.

Why Swimming is a More Intense Workout

swimming WorkoutWhile you’re in the water, your entire body has to work differently than it does on land. Your lungs have to learn how to breathe more efficiently because there is not always enough air to inhale at a moment’s notice like when you’re going on a jog, for example. And all of your muscles in your body have to work harder to not only propel you through the water but also keep you afloat at all times. All of this combined results in a stronger workout for your cardiovascular system as well, which has to continually pump enough blood and oxygen to all of your vital organs and extremities.

Break Up Your Routine to Make Things Easier

In order to make things easier on yourself and to prevent any discouragement you might face from feeling inadequate in the water, break up your workout routine into doable segments. Incorporate different swim strokes and drills to keep things interesting, but also make sure that you break and give yourself a rest period in between high intensity rounds. You need to give yourself some time to rest because your heart rate will increase quickly and will stay elevated during laps around the pool.

Interval training is also great at building up your endurance more quickly than pushing yourself to exhaustion once and then stopping. So work hard, take a break, and then push yourself again. This will build strength in all areas of your body.

The final advantage to using interval training in the pool is that you keep things interesting. Switch up the intervals so that you don’t get bored with your routine too quickly. This will also always keep your body guessing, which will create even better results.

Use a Kickboard to Get Yourself Going

In the beginning, you may find it too difficult to swim a couple of laps, rest, and then swim some more. Until your body is used to the exercises and is strong enough, use a kickboard, which you can purchase online or at a sporting goods store. The kickboard will allow you to swim your laps more easily until you’re confident in coordinating your arms and legs on your own.


Peter Smith is a renowned author and personal trainer. Peter frequently visits www.puddleducks.com to get the latest available swimming lessons for babies.

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