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Tips to Avoid Wireless Radiation to protect your health

With the rise of Wi-Fi, there has been several risks of the fact that these Wi-Fi are actually boosted signals of infra-red radiation which can go through walls and even through you to link your computer to the internet. If you’re the owner of a wireless internet modem/router which happens to be set up in your office or home, you could be in danger of electromagnetic radiation! There are many wireless devices such as Linksys, Belkin, Net gear and many more that can create massive EMF exposure and you may be exposed to such a dangerous radiation hazard environment. There are many types of health problems that can be caused due to this so follow the tips in order to prevent them.

The Intensity and Amplitude of the exposure -Where to keep your modem.
DSL Routers and many cable modems are seen everywhere as they make it very convenient to access the internet, but scientists have found out that the level of low gigahertz frequency these modems emit are very dangerous indeed if they come in direct contact, thus for your safety make sure your modem does not emit too much and keep it as far as possible from yourself but at the correct distance so you can use the internet as well.

Modem Casing and Covers
It’s very helpful to invest in casing and covers for your modem so that the emission from them are reduced and that it does not affect your body. It’s best to use lead casings so that all the harmful electromagnetic waves are absorbed and thus makes it safe.

Using cables when you can
It’s very easy to just set up some cables if it’s not too much of a hassle, it’s usually better in terms of performance (Makes usage of the internet faster) and infact removes the potential harmful electromagnetic emission from the wireless router. It’s best to just use cables.
Even your phone can be harmful!
Cellphones also emit electromagnetic radiation and wireless radiation thus make sure when you are at your home you can use some helpful tips to minimize this threat as much as possible.
Use Speakerphone so that the distance from your head to phone is less Use Text Messaging as much as possible instead of talking over long duration of time.

Harmful Signals all around youHow to prevent it from affecting you
outside the world is now full of harmful signals due to massive antennas and broadcasting systems, these are potentially harmful and to be safe it’s very ideal to be careful and not stay near these antennas and such to avoid exposure to wireless radiation. You could use head nets and lead lined clothing if you’re travelling to areas very dense in the city that is heavily exposed to electromagnetic and wireless radiation. It’s very unsafe so you should be aware of it.

To be safe make sure in your cars you have your windows closed so wireless radiation rays cannot enter and so bounce around in your car being very harmful. Windows up and be safe, do not let any wireless radiation enter your house and minimize the emission from your house as well and be safe.

Author: Julia is an Avid Blogger from Manchester, UK with 5+ years of experience in blogging. She is interested to learn new things. As of now she is focusing on Sky helpline which provides information regarding digital satellite TV and radio service.

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