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10 Warning Signs Of Alzheimer’s

Most people experience age related problems with memory, moods and even lapses in judgment. When these things become disruptive to daily life and increase in frequency it’s important to take note and consult with your doctor.

Whether for yourself or for someone close to you, it’s important to learn as much as possible about Alzheimer’s disease and detecting the warning signs. See your doctor sooner rather than later to allow for an early diagnosis; that will give you time to seek treatment and learn about managing the symptoms.

These are 10 symptoms or early signs of Alzheimer’s:

1.    Disruptive memory loss

Forgetting appointments, names or important dates and remembering them later are typical of age related forgetfulness. When memory loss becomes disruptive to daily life, it may be a signal or warning sign of Alzheimer’s. An example is finding that you need to rely on notes or other people to alert you of things you once knew without reminders.

2.    Difficulty planning or problem solving

Making the occasional error doing routine tasks is typically age related. Experiencing difficulty with making and following a plan, working with numbers, following a recipe or tracking monthly bills, may be a warning sign of Alzheimer’s.

3.    Confusion about place and time

Forgetting today’s date but remembering it later is normal but individuals with Alzheimer’s may lose track of time including the date or even the season. They may be unaware of where they are and how they got there.

4.    Completing tasks

Needing occasional help with an appliance or setting the clock is typical for any age. Finding it difficult to complete routine tasks, remember rules to a favorite game or drive to a familiar place may be an indication of Alzheimer’s.

5.    Vision problems

Some people with Alzheimer’s experience difficulty reading, judging distance, determining colors and seeing contrasts. Vision generally changes as we age and these problems also may also symptoms of cataracts.

6.    Conversational difficulties

At times we might struggle with finding the right words to express a thought, but people with Alzheimer’s may lose their thought mid conversation and have no idea how to get back on track. They may refer to common objects by a wrong name and may even struggling with vocabulary.

7.    Trouble retracing steps

Normally if we misplace items we are able to retrace our steps and find them. People with Alzheimer’s tend to put things away in unusual places. They may accuse others of taking them or have difficulty retracing their steps to find them. This is a symptom that may occur more frequently over time.

8.    Mood or personality changes

A typical age related mood swing could happen when a routine is disrupted, but people with Alzheimer’s may experience actual changes in their personality. They may become confused, fearful, anxious or suspicious. They may be easily upset when they are out of their comfort zone.

9.    Changes in judgment

We make a bad decision every now and then but people with Alzheimer’s may experience uncharacteristic changes in judgment. They might pay less attention to personal grooming or make poor judgments in dealing with finances.

10. Withdrawal from people and routine activities

We might occasional feel like getting away, even escaping from work or family. People with Alzheimer’s may remove themselves totally from things they once loved doing such as sports, social outings, work projects and even family. They may be avoiding these things knowing that changes are happening to them due to Alzheimer’s.

Exploring available treatments with your doctor may give you the opportunity to learn about and participate in clinical drug trials that help advance research. Early detection will also make it possible for you to live the best life possible with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Written by Alice Lucette

Alice Lucette, a blogger from Canada is a writer for SeniorsZen.com – a free resource for finding local retirement homes in Canada.

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